The Different Types of Poker Hands in Poker


There are many types of hands in poker, including a Straight, Flush, Four of a kind, and Gutshot. Knowing these hands can help you determine your next move and how to maximize your profits. If you’re new to poker, you should start by reviewing the rules. Below, you’ll find a handy cheat sheet to make your game more fun! Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move on to more advanced topics.


When you’re playing poker, your main focus should be on maximizing your chances. A straight will win you the pot 0.4% of the time, but if you don’t maximize your chances, your odds will be even lower. In order to maximize your chances, you should make sure that your hole cards are suited. Also, if you have two players with straights of the same rank, you will share the pot. Listed below are some strategies for making a straight.

Four of a kind

The Four of a Kind in poker is one of the most common poker hands. Players are usually striving to have four cards of the same rank, with a kicker card. These four cards are referred to as a “quad” and are the third best ranking hand in poker. Four Aces with a kicker are considered the best Four of a Kind hand, while four two’s are considered the worst.


A gutshot in poker is a good hand to make when you’re the aggressor in a multiway pot. While it’s not recommended in most situations, it will increase your chances of getting a straight on the river if your opponent folds on the flop. It’s a marginal bluffing hand that has one or two overcards on the board and is drawing to the nuts. Gutshots are also the strongest hand to make if you’re the aggressor in a heads-up pot.

Side pot

A side pot in poker is a smaller pool of money that can be won by players other than the all-in player. The side pot develops when a player places an all-in bet. Everyone else in the game competes for this side pot. However, it’s not always profitable to place a bet on a side pot. Here are some important tips to use a side pot: