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The Do's and Don'ts of a New Paint Job

Whether your vehicle has been freshly painted because you've had body work done after an accident, a custom paint job, or you just wanted to change or freshen up the color, taking proper care of that paint job while it cures is the key to helping it last for years. Fresh paint on a vehicle is dry when you pick it up at the body shop, but the clear coat still needs about 30 days to cure. Check out the guidelines below for a paint job that lasts.


  • Wash the vehicle by hand with cool water and a very mild car wash solution using a soft cloth or sponge.
  • Use clean, fresh water when you wash your vehicle.
  • Wash your vehicle in the shade.
  • Keep your vehicle under a car port or in a garage when it's not in use.


  • Use a commercial car wash. The stiff brushes and sponges can mar the finish on your vehicle.
  • Wipe your vehicle dry. Let it air dry while the paint cures.
  • Drive on gravel roads. Chipping on a new paint job is usually done in the first 30 days.
  • Park under a tree. Bird droppings and tree sap can corrode and mar paint.
  • Spill gasoline, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid or windshield solvent on the new finish.
  • Scrape ice or snow off of the new finish.

Also, as much as you're itching to make it shine, don't wax or polish your vehicle for the first 90 days. This will further allow the finish to harden and last. If you have any questions about your newly painted vehicle, give Big Daddy's Collision Center a call today. We're always happy to answer any questions you might have.

New Website for a New Year

With the new year underway, we're all making resolutions and fresh starts. Here at Big Daddy's Collision Center, we decided to start off the new year with a fresh new website. Our goal is to be able to provide the best customer service possible to go along with our unbeatable experience and expertise, and redesigning our website has enabled us to give you as much honest information and helpful tips as possible.

Keep your eyes peeled for even more helpful information on our website throughout the year and let us know how we can best serve you this year. What are your resolutions? Tell us on Facebook! From all of us a Big Daddy's Collision Center, have a happy and healthy new year!